On November 8, 2010, Bye Aerospace spun off Bye UAS to pursue the concept of a sUAS system that incorporated advanced technology non-ITAR limited ISR platform in materials, sensors and power plant which would result in reduced carbon and noise emissions. The company started operating as Silent Falcon UAS and created initial concept aircraft that were taken worldwide on ISR capability demonstrations.

In 2019, the company expanded into aerial data collection services and organically grew a software team that has incorporated proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Data Visualization (DV) capabilities into our company. SFUAS is now a leader in infrastructure inspection, analysis and preventative maintenance forecasting.

We are cut from the cloth of American technology, hard work and innovation. The crowd sees a challenge...WE adapt, invent and overcome it.

Data drives our fight. We capture it, we assess and analyze it at ludicrous speed using our AI-ML software to provide the right solution, the first time and every time. Then we continue to assess it and forecast where its headed to achieve better performance in the future. Just like a well tuned car or athlete...we strive to be better and faster each and every day....forever.

Our drone is genetically superior—it descends from Bye Aerospace’s line of all electric aircraft...the “Tesla’s of the sky.” Fly quiet, fly electric...fly green.

Fly, Fight, Win!

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